NLP for Self Growth and Happiness

There are mainly three types of issues that may be preventing you from achieving your best in any area of life.

Your Past issues

There could be any past painful experience that your unconscious mind may be holding. That experience will weaken your confidence, motivation and productivity. It will also cause stress in your mind and diseases in your body.

It is like a rotten rat is lying somewhere in your house and causing foul smell continuously. You need to remove it as soon as possible then only your unconscious mind will be free for better health, money, relationship, productivity and happiness.

This module will help you erase all your painful memories and heal your past.

Your Present issue

There could be any issue that you may be facing. It may be some financial issue, health issue, relationship issue or anything else that may be preventing you from enjoying your success and happiness.

To overcome any present issue, you need to make yourself bigger than the issue at your subconscious level. You need to erase the limiting imprints and plant the imprints of your powerful beliefs, confidence, creativity and health.

This module will help you transform subconscious mind and get a way to success.

Perception of future as ‘Uncertain’ or ‘Dark’

There could be any issue that you may be facing. It may be some financial issue, health issue, relationship issue or anything else that may be preventing you from enjoying your success and happiness.

If knowingly or unknowingly, you unconscious mind has perceived your future as ‘uncertain’, ‘indefinite’ or ‘dark’; your unconscious mind will not help you to achieve anything worthy. If you are not successful, rich, happy or healthy now, it may be one of the main reasons. You need to implant the imprints of ‘certain, bight and worth living’ future.

Once your mind has these imprints, it will help you head for your bright future without any struggle or stress.


  • Introduction of ‘NLP Subconscious Re-Imprinting’
  • Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Minds and their working
  • Building new beliefs: Subconscious Auto Suggestions
  • Why you have not achieved that you wanted/How to achieve what you want
  • Exploring your hidden creativity for your Success & Happiness in Life: Walt Disney Exercise
  • Winning people’s trust and confidence in just 90 seconds
  • Finding past issues and getting free from past painful memories
  • Enhancing your body’s stress handling capacity & creating positive life energy
  • Taking your relationships to the next level
  • Getting yourself protected from the ‘unwanted’
  • Resolving your Internal Conflicts and enjoy ‘wholeness’
  • Building your divine future: Build your future full of Confidence, Creativity, Health and Success
  • Enhancing your personal and professional Productivity: Neurological Level Alignment
  • Healing your life’s Time-Line(Past, Present & Future): Complete Inner Transformation
  • Engaging your mind to boost your Immune power and heal your physical disease


State of mind

The key to your success wellness and happiness is state of mind. State of mind is the deciding factor for your war of being. Essence o18f your being is the resultant of your way of being.


Set rapport in 90 secs and build your trust in others mind for better personal and professional results. Successful interactions depend largely on our ability to establish and maintain rapport. Surprisingly, we make most business decisions based on rapport rather than technical merit. You are more likely to buy from, agree with, or support someone you can relate to than someone you can’t.


Set and achieve compelling life goals wisdomfully without being stressed. Manifest all your intentions into reality with velocity. Outcomes are the blueprints of success. Set the right blueprints and the success in inevitable. . Manifest all your intentions into reality with velocity.

Releasing Painful memories

Your body keeps a physical memory of all of your experiences. You have lots of memories stored in your brain that you can recount at any given moment. You can recall names, faces, where the event took place, what it smelled like. But over time, these memories fade or change as time passes and we mature. However, even when the memory begins to fade from your brain, it lives on in your body in the form of physical sensations and behavior patterns.
The body doesn’t forget.
The events of our lives leave physiological imprints in our bodies, especially when we experience trauma or situations of extreme stress that cause the body to fight, flee, or freeze in order to cope.


Someone rightly says that the quality of your life is defined by the quality of your communication. When you talk about communication, there are two types of communication. One: that you do with yourself. When you communicate with yourself, it defines, how you will feel in different situations.In any situation, you will feel sad or happy, depressed or delightful, frustrated or flexible, angry or calm or, victim or winner. This communication plays a big role of your health and happiness. When you communicate with others, it defines your relationship with people, the
wealth you will earn through making good clients or growing in career or success.
Today, we all need a human technology that can help us design both type of communications.

Fears and Phobias

Everyone is afraid of something, and we damn well should be. That’s because fear is what keeps us safe in the face of poisonous snakes, huge tornados, and other threatening situations. But sometimes that normal fight-or-flight response can go a bit haywire, and that’s when fear turns into a phobia.If you’ve ever given something up because you were scared, then you know the value of “doing it anyway.” Because yes, planes are scary, and heights are scary, and spiders are scary. But that doesn’t mean you should never fly, or go hiking, or venture into the woods ever again. Yes, phobias suck, especially since they can lead to a pretty limited life.why live in chains with phobias break these chain and get back to enjoying your life.

Neurological Alignment

There are only 3-4% of people in the whole population who can achieve whatever they want . Neurological Alignment is a very powerful tool for leaders to achieve what ever they want and in the way they want. To close the gap and get from where you are to where you want to be, it takes alignment within yourself. It is called Neurological Alignment. In this seven things need to be aligned.These alignment leads to success and finally to happiness and satisfaction. But if this is done just consciously and it is very short lived. This obvious when we see people fully motivated after a motivating lecture or seminar but sooner or later this motivation is destined to die. Similar way will power and intelligence have limitations. But if all this is taught to the subconscious mind it not just stays but are even expressed automatically wherever required very aptly. We help people first do this alignment consciously and then with simple exercises we help them take it to their subconscious levels as well.

Relationship with money and Success

If you have an unhealthy relationship with money, you will never create the abundance you wish you had. In order to change your financial world, you need to change your feelings and paradigm about money. You need to change the way you think, feel and act about money.Similar is the case with success.Money holds an important role in our life. It defines how successful you are financially. To earn money, you just can’t depend on your actions and capabilities, rather you need to get aligned with the powerful beliefs about money and identify yourself as a wealthy person to start the journey for making big money.

Health and happiness

Mental, physical and emotional wellness are the keys to happiness. But today we find these challenged everywhere. Every third we meet is is suffering from stress, depression, psychosomatic and auto- immune disorders. Although it has been proved that human body lives only in healthy state. But still 2out of 3 people are suffering from diseases. But there are technologies which can claim our health and happiness back so that we can be more creative to make money and success and enjoy our long age and relationship well.