The image of a person is about respect, positive self-presentation, self-promotion and impactful professional presence. Your image leads to perception which results in an impression in the minds of others.

Within seconds, people make observations and assumptions based on limited visual information and these first impressions can become your identity.

Session 1:Verbal & Non Verbal Communication

Insight into various messages that are communicated according to 4 levels of dressing. Participants understand the difference between different levels of dressing according to international style scale and are also able to relate the message to be given versus clothes to be worn.

More detailed style scale and clothing communication according to roles and goals for appropriate dressing. Art of fitting Indian clothes on the international style scale. This part would provide comprehensive solutions for professional women in formal dressing

Session 2:Lifestyle Evaluation

Lifestyle evaluation is the process through which a consultant identifies the lifestyle of a client .

This includes demographics, work culture, roles and goals in the client’s personal professional and social life. This session also gives you insight on communication of clothes through international style scale.

Session 3:This is an eye opener

Many people live with an inferiority complex all their lives because they do not know what and how of dressing according to their body shape. People grow accustomed to seeing themselves everyday and fail to notice body variation that every individual goes through.

This causes many points of distraction in the way they dress and most people fail to realize this. An image consultant personally evaluates the client’s body shape  and identify the body type. This is followed by suggestions on countering and repeating techniques for the client to make him/her look in perfect shape. The consultant also provides clothing solutions by paying attention to details , so that the client achieves an attractive image and becomes a more confident person by enhancing positive features.

Session 4: Color evaluation

Color evaluation enables the consultant to understand a client’s  personal color characteristics. This is essential to determine the colors the client should adopt in clothing, accessories and make-up that compliments skin color and flatters the body. The client is taught how to create focal points in dressing and lead attention to where it is required.

The right use of colours create powerful illusions about other colours, body size and shape.. Based on eye, hair, skin and lip colours, a consultant recommends fashion colors to a client to project an attractive image with utmost confidence. Consultant helps in recognizing colours that best compliment and flatters the personality. Right colors can make one’s day as they communicate visual meaning messages and moods.

Session 5: Personal Style

Personal style evaluation is a surprise element in the concept of image management. Personal style works on ancient Chinese concept of YIN and YANG. This concept directly relates with dominance and sub-ordinance, advancing and receding traits.

We all have these traits, but the traits we relate to best with and how they are manipulated to create a perfect image perception about ourselves is an art in the hands of an image consultant.It becomes a tool for solving image related problems and in creating the type of appearance necessary to achieve goals.This helps in creating an authentic image in personal ,professional and social life without losing individuality and comfort and by achieving confidence.

Session 6: Know Yourself and Love Yourself

This is a very wonderful session where in you get know yourself very well as to why you behave a particular way and find your winning formulas and find new possibilities in life to live a unstoppable and powerful life.

Session 7: Grooming and personal hygiene

The grooming and personal hygiene session gives the client an overview on how to polish their presentation skills and demeanor in personal, professional and social life.

It helps them to identify what to adapt and what to avoid in terms of accessories for specific roles and goals. Understand the authority chart for accessories and why it is needed to pay attention to details.the consultant also guides the client on how to become hygiene conscious and how important it is to take care of minor senstivities which can be detrimental for one’s image.

Session 8: Etiquette

Etiquette  is one of the most crucial topics in image management it has a lot of important facets.

The client is taught different types of etiquette during this session. Most of them are relevant in all situations .However some of them are of paramount importance professionally.There will be two sessions under this heading one will be Dining Etiquette and other will be Business etiquette.

Session 9: Awareness of Body language

In this segment of consultation , the client is guided on how to control his/ her body language and how read body languages signs of other people.

They will also be guided about different power positions required to exhibit position or designation and what is appropriate for various roles and goals , occasions and activities.

Session 10: Self confidence

Fortunately there ways to boost one’s self esteem even if you feel you are struggling to do so. There are reasons why someone must have low self esteem.

Client is helped to build his / her self confidence. There will be various sessions on boosting your self Esteem and building your confidence. Your fears and phobias and social anxiety will as well be taken care of.

Session 11: Personal Shopping Services

Once lifestyle, personal style , body shape and color characteristics are identified, the consultant helps to identify the right clothing and accessories to flatter personal characteristics and image.

The consultant would do a detailed research on the brands and stores which would be suitable as per client’s personal characteristics and style. This allows them to feel authentic, comfortable and confident in projecting right image in personal, professional and social situations.