Law attraction is a very interesting theory that is grabbing a lot of attention these days. Some people can’t believe in it and some people are strong followers of it. This difference of opinion is because, law of attraction is regarded as a miracle or a magical law. So the people who like to think logically do not believe in this magical law. But what is magic? When we see magicians perform magic, there is always a logic behind the magic. The magician uses a logical technique that gives shape to the magical act. Similarly Law of Attraction also has a logic behind it.

The Law of attraction says ” Whatever you think about is automatically attracted to you when you give in the required hardwork.”

First let us see one small example: Suppose if you think of buying a Mercedes car. So from the day you decide, you see many Mercedes cars on the road. This sounds just like the law of attraction. You can say that since you are thinking about Mercedes cars, these cars are getting attracted to you. But another way of looking at it is that since you are thinking about Mercedes cars you are concentrating more on Mercedes cars. The number of Mercedes cars hasn’t changed, it’s your focus that has changed.

Now let’s apply this to the Law of attraction. What happens is that when we think about something we start concentrating on it and following the path towards achieving it. We easily find people or opportunities related to our goals because we are now focusing on it and ultimately we find it easy to achieve our goals. So when we visualize our dreams we also start working on it subconsciously along with the conscious hard work.

The same thing happens when we think negative. Suppose if we think ‘I don’t want to Fail’. Now when we think about this we are actually saying we don’t want to fail, but we are focusing too much on failure by getting scared. We often start spending time on thinking what would I do if I fail. So this way we are concentrating on our failure and thus it can lead to failure.

So now that we have a logical explanation to the Magic of Law of Attraction, it is quite easy to believe for people with logical as well as creative minds.

I will be happy to know your views about law of attraction in the comments. Also feel free to ask any questions you have. Advertisements

Law of Attraction : Logic behind Magic

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